The Lever Seal’s patented stress-distributing design has lower internal stresses than a traditional E-Seal profile. Its leakage rate is 1E-3 sccs He/mm circ.

Non-Welded Slip Joint Cover
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JETSEAL is on the cutting edge of sealing technology with the uniquely designed and patented Lever Seal. The Lever Seal is superior to other “high deflection” seals available. Due to its unique stress-distributing design, the Lever Seal can handle three times the flange movement of a single-ply standard E-Seal with the same sealing capability without modifying the original cavity.

The Lever Seal is a good choice where thermal relaxation is a factor. This seal can be used in any application where enhanced spring back and excessive flange movement or flange distortion handling is needed. The Lever Seal will outperform any other seal at a competitive cost.

For more specifics, download our Lever Seals Catalog (PDF).


Cryogenic to 1300 °F (704°C)


1E-10 torr Vacuum to 10,000 psi)


Alloy 718, Alloy X-750, Waspaloy, Other metallics


1E-10 torr Vacuum to 10,000 psi)

Typical leakage rate

1E-3 sccs He/mm circ.


High Deflection Requirements

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