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Abstract concept of reactor

Metal seals in advanced nuclear reactor technologies

Abstract concept of reactor

Metal seals in advanced nuclear reactor technologies


JETSEAL was founded in 1988 in Spokane, WA and acquired by HEICO Corporation (NYSE: HEI) in 2001. Our world-class metallic sealing solutions are manufactured within three production facilities by our approximately 100 employees.

Resilient Metal Seal Technology for Extreme Environments

JETSEAL, an industry leader in resilient metal seal technology, specializes in engineered sealing solutions for critical applications. Our products are essential for success in challenging environments, including nuclear facilities, space exploration, and deep-sea oil and gas operations. Whether you require high pressure metal seals, corrosion resistant seals for nuclear environments, or metal seals for extreme environments, we can help you find an optimal sealing solution.

High-Performance Sealing Solutions for Demanding Applications

Our metal sealing solutions are meticulously designed to endure a broad spectrum of extreme temperatures and pressures, making them ideal for the nuclear, aerospace, and oil and gas industries. JETSEAL’s commitment to excellence is evident in our involvement in significant projects such as the Mars Perseverance Mission and Generation IV nuclear initiatives.

Ensuring Quality and Reliability in Every Seal

At JETSEAL, we prioritize delivering products that embody the utmost in dependability, quality, reliability, performance, and trust. Our seals are not just components; they are assurances of safety and efficiency in the most demanding situations. We are proud to contribute to groundbreaking projects and are dedicated to continuous innovation in our field.

Certified Excellence in Seal Technology

Our products meet the highest standards of quality and reliability, adhering to rigorous industry certifications. This commitment to excellence ensures that every JETSEAL product you choose is synonymous with trust and resilience.

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Discover how JETSEAL’s metal sealing solutions can enhance the safety and efficiency of your operations in extreme environments. Contact us for more information or explore our product range, or click here to download our Application Data Sheet. Let’s get to work and find the perfect sealing solution for your application.

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