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Pressure to 20,000 psi Helium leakage for vacuum applications Cyclic temperature to 1200 °F (650 °C) High cycle fatigue to 1 million cycles Load deflection and spring back Wear and friction.

JETSEAL takes pride in the quality and performance of our seals.

As such we have invested in our testing capabilities which allows us to perform helium leak testing, pressure testing and temperature testing right here at our manufacturing facilities. We are happy to make these services available to others as well as utilize these capabilities to help you with your R&D projects, product engineering and more.

Additionally, to assist our customers with their testing we developed a series of patented Sensor Pass Throughs for aerospace, industrial and more. JETSEAL’s Sensor Pass Throughs provide high performance, while reducing test platform set up times, and simplified trouble shooting in the event of broken or damaged wires. JETSEAL’s Sensor Pass Throughs are in use by Aerospace OEMs, Universities and Research Facilities, Power Generation and Space programs. Contact JETSEAL and lets see how we can help you enhance and improve your testing, R&D and overall product quality.

  • Hot parts of turbines
  • Hot air ducting
  • Fuel Systems
  • Rocket fuel systems
  • Rocket thrusters
  • Rocket combustors
  • Hot spots of test stands
  • Valves
  • Sealing of thermocouples, pitot tubes with our SFT
  • Sealing of Lasers
  • Oil valves, including downhole
  • Turbochargers
  • Reactors of various kinds (mostly research)
  • Land based turbines case sealing
  • Hydrostatic drives in farm equipment and military
  • Autoclave sealing (small volume)
  • Aero-derivative turbine sealing
  • Satellites
  • Sealing of long term storage containers
  • Hot part of turbines I think.
  • Classified work we really don’t know and never will