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Aviation’s demanding applications associated with operating aircraft and aircraft engines require sealing components that perform in extreme environments. JETSEAL’s resilient metal seals are designed to function in high temperature, high pressure and corrosive environments. Our metallic seal solutions provide long-life and dependability while meeting your strict design requirements.

Benefits of JETSEAL custom designed seals

JETSEAL has over 30 years of history providing highly engineered metallic seals to the aviation industry. JETSEAL provides high quality AS1895/7s and AS1895/23s in all the required sizes. Additionally, JETSEAL manufactures innovative custom seals for OEMs, R&D and much more. You can find JETSEAL Engineered Metallic seals on most major turbines and aircraft around the globe.

Seals are one of the most critical components to the operation and safety of modern aircraft. Our engineered metallic seals have to operate in some of the most challenging and harsh conditions on earth. JETSEAL seals are designed to handle incredibly high pressures, high temperatures as well as vacuum and cryogenic temperatures as well as corrosive materials. Leak testing is available upon request. There may be an extra charge for this service.
JETSEAL manufactures a broad scope of seals which can be coated, plated or unplated depending on your needs. So no matter what your needs JETSEAL has you covered with industry standard AS1895s all the way through R&D to develop and build completely custom seals for you application.
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  • Hot parts of turbines
  • Hot air ducting
  • Fuel Systems
  • Rocket fuel systems
  • Rocket thrusters
  • Rocket combustors
  • Hot spots of test stands
  • Valves
  • Sealing of thermocouples, pitot tubes with our SFT
  • Sealing of Lasers
  • Oil valves, including downhole
  • Turbochargers
  • Reactors of various kinds (mostly research)
  • Land based turbines case sealing
  • Hydrostatic drives in farm equipment and military
  • Autoclave sealing (small volume)
  • Aero-derivative turbine sealing
  • Satellites
  • Sealing of long term storage containers
  • Hot part of turbines I think.
  • Classified work we really don’t know and never will