Omega seal performance and C-Seal sealing characteristics. Temperatures from cryogenic to 1350°F (732°C) and pressures from vacuum to 36,000 psi.

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U-Mega Seal combines the load performance of the Omega Seal and the sealing characteristics of the C-Seal to achieve high reliability for an extremely low leakage seal.

The U-Mega Seal requires no special machining or lapping at the edge to meet flatness requirements of the Omega Seal. Instead, the seal lip is turned inward to reflect the performance of a C-Seal.

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Cryogenic to 1350°F (732°C)


Up to 60,000 psi


Alloy 718, Alloy X-750, Waspaloy


PTFE, Silver, Gold, Tin, Plasma/HVOF, Other plating options

Typical leakage rate

1E-3 sccs He/mm circ.


Aerospace Engine

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