Provides compactness, low leakage rates, high pressure capability & high spring back. For pressures from vacuum to 36,000 psi.

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The most demanding applications are best served by JETSEAL’s V-Seals which combine the advantages of compactness, lowest leakage rates, high pressure capability and high spring back.

Because the V-Seal may be designed to generate high contact stress, it is a good solution for very demanding, low leakage rate applications where the joint will remain undisturbed for long periods.

JETSEAL’s V-Seals are an effective metallic seal and are suited for critical, low leakage applications. We are able to engineer the optimum seal characteristics by adjusting the thickness at the cross section. Precision machined or roll-formed, V-Seals can be custom designed for high clamping force loads and hard cavity metals or low clamping force loads and soft cavity metals like aluminum.

JETSEAL’s V-Seals can also be provided with their own limiter plates to enable sealing between flat (non-grooved) surfaces where the plate provides a load path for the flange bolting load and prevents over-compression of the seal. The seal and limiter plate may also be produced as a single integrated part.

If you would like more specifics, download our V-Seal Catalog (PDF).

Operating Conditions

  • Operating pressure range: Vacuum (1E-10 torr.) to 36,000 psi
  • Functional temperature range: Cryogenic to 1350°F (732°C)
  • Typical leakage rate: 1E-10 sccs He/mm circ.

Metallic Options

  • Alloy 718 (AMS 5596, 5589, 5662)
  • Alloy X-750 (AMS 5598, 5582, 5667)
  • Waspaloy (AMS 5544, 5706, 5586, 5708)
  • Cres304 (AMS 5511, 5560)
  • Elgiloy (AMS 5876)
  • Incoloy 909 (AMS 5892)
  • Hastelloyx (AMS 5754, 5587, 5530)

Plating/Coating Options

  • Silver (AMS 2410, 2411)
  • Nickel (AMS 2403, 2424, QQ-N-290)
  • Gold (Mil-G-45204)
  • Copper
  • Lead/Indium
  • PTFE (AMS 2515)

In addition to the standard C-Seal design, JETSEAL has patented two new versions of the seal which offers a superior sealing solution. See our patented Super C-Seal product.

Please call for pricing and availability or fill out the Application Data Sheet (PDF) and Quote Request Form.

Application Data Sheets are available in Spanish, French, German, Russian, Korean, Chinese, Japanese, Farsi, and Hebrew from JETSEAL’s Downloads or Contact Us page.