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Power generation equipment manufacturers rely on JETSEAL’s resilient metal seals to increase the efficiency and longevity of their products.

JETSEAL is a precision manufacturer of highly engineered metal seals used in numerous industries.

We produce many types of metal seals ranging from high quantity industry standards, to one off build to print custom seals for extremely high demand applications. These seals are an integral part of complex machines, such as gas turbines for aircraft, lasers for cutting cell phone glass and fabrics for clothing, turbo chargers for large marine engines, rocket thrusters and propulsion systems that enable space travel.

Starting from a single seal type for a specific application, JETSEAL now offers over 10 different unique seal types to numerous industries including aerospace, defense, space, industrial, oil, gas, and power generation. In addition to metallic seals, we have leveraged our knowledge of high precision machining and seal fundamentals to also offer piston rings as well as JETSEAL patented sensor ports for testing labs which offers one of a kind performance and usability enabling advanced development and monitoring of in-service jet engines and power turbines.